Parent and Child

You can bring children from birth to 3  years old one or more mornings a week.  The groups are small and friendly and are an excellent way to meet new friends and be inspired by the insights of Waldorf education.
Peaceful play

These groups focus on supporting parents with babies and young children in a nurturing environment. In a peaceful atmosphere, parents and children can play and talk to one another.

Dumper doo dah in the house

I is an image. Hear me roar.

Natural toys

Surrounded by simple toys made of natural materials, the children play in the cosy home corner and create their own play scenes. In each session, there is time for play and craft activity.

Circle time, freshly-baked food

In circle time we listen to a story, sing familiar nursery rhymes and seasonal songs of childhood. Finally, we share a snack of freshly baked food before spending some time in the garden.

The seasons

Each session has its own rhythmic and seasonal quality which helps foster a reassuring  sense of continuity, creates a connection with the natural world and develops wonder in the eyes of the child.


The hours are 9.45 to 11.45am, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Contact the school office or for more information.