Cambridge Steiner School is currently funded through the financial contributions of the families attending the school. This system affords the teachers professional freedom to meet the needs of their classes and carry responsibility for their work. Steiner schools abroad (New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, to name but a few) are funded by the government and in this country the Hereford Steiner School, amongst others, has been granted state funding recently. While your 3 and 4 year olds may be eligible for Early Years’ funding in the Kindergarten, the school is open to alternative funding methods including becoming a state funded Free School.

State Funding

The school is still assessing the feasibility of state funding for the school as part of the current Business Plan.

Information about the possibility of State Funding of the Cambridge Steiner School – access is restricted to current members of the School.
For access please contact the State Funding Group at::

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